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UNEP – UN Environmental Programme



The United Nations Environmental Programme (short UNEP) was founded in 1972 as a result of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment and works within the context of the Rio Declaration of 1992 to encourage partnerships in caring for the environment and provision of leadership. The work of UNEP is based on the views of prevention, precaution, sound management, responsibility, accountability and equity. UNEP is an advocator on the creation and implementation of innovative environmental policies and practices at the international level but especially within developing countries.

Its activities cover a wide range of issues regarding climate change, disaster and conflict, ecosystem management, environmental governance, environment under review, harmful substances and resource efficiency. UNEP played a significant role in evolving international environmental conventions, promoting environmental science and information and illustrating the way those can be implemented in conjunction with policy. UNEP has also been very active in funding and implementing environmental related development projects such as the solar loan programmes.


Topic 1: Coping with Migration caused by new aspects of environmental change


Topic 2: Acting on the signal of climate change in the changing frequency of extreme events




ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council



ECOSOC, the United Nations Economic and Social Council, represents one of the 6 principal organs of the United Nations. Its main responsibility lays with coordinating the economic, social and related work of 14 UN specialized agencies. Also as the name says ECOSOC deals mainly with international economic and social issues with regards to a sustainable development. It is meeting once a year for a 4 week period and phrases out policy recommendations for UN member states. A number of NGOs are granted consultative status to the council in order to participate in the work of the United Nations.


Topic 1: Elimination of human trafficking and its sources


Topic 2: Promoting the right of education and enforcing girl’s and women’s right




DISEC – Council in Committee



The Disarmament and International Security Council (DISEC) is the first committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations. It deals with disarmament, global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community and seeks out solutions to the challenges in the international security regime.

It considers all disarmament and international security issues within the scope of the Charter of the United Nations or relating to the powers and functions of any other organ of the United Nations; the general principle of cooperation in the maintenance of international peace and security, as well as principle governing disarmament and the regulation of armaments; promotion of cooperative arrangements and measures aimed at strengthening stability through lower levels of armaments.


Topic 1: Piracy upon the sea


Topic 2: Usage of modern warfare technology




UNSC – United Nations Security Council



The UNSC, United Nations Security Council, is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations and held its first session on January 17, 1946. The main responsibility of the UNSC is the maintenance of international peace and security. The UNSC is the only body of the United Nations with the authority to issue binding resolutions to the member states. Part of its powers are the establishment of peacekeeping operations, the establishment of international sanctions and authorization of military actions through its resolutions.

The UNSC consists of five permanent members China, France, the Russian Federation, United Kingdom and the United States of America, the victors of WWII, who also have the power of Veto. The other ten members are on a rotation and hold a seat in the UNSC for a two-year term.

The UNSC does not only meet for planned sessions but members also have to be ready for emergency meetings when the need arises.


Topic 1: Prevention of arms acquisition by non-state actors in the Middle East


Topic 2: CRISIS









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