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What is a ‘Model United Nations’ (MUN)?

A Model United Nations is a debating event, at which participants discuss current international

topics in a simulation of the United Nations.

This is done accurately in every detail.

Hereby the participants get together in different committees and slip into the role

of a diplomat representing a state.

The official language of MUNs is English.

The simulation itself is set to be as realistically as possible, which means that the delegates

only represent their assigned country and do not argue using their personal opinion.

The aim of a MUN is to write a resolution addressing the topic discussed in the committee.


So, why should you participate in an MUN?

MUNs do not only help to improve your debating and presenting skills,

but are also a great chance to get to know other people with the same interests

and have fun together at the events.

All in all, you learn something new about current happenings and international

topics outside of your daily life in university while you are having a lot of fun!